5G the thing that everyone is talking about. Whether it is about buying a phone, a new carrier subscription, gaming or loading speed. What is all the fuzz about? 

We believe that it is really about changing society as we know it completely. Starting from Autonomous Vehicles to Extended Reality, from Artificial Intelligence to measuring everything measurable with the Internet of Things. Technologies enabled by 5G have the power to solve some of the greatest challenges the humanity is facing – from climate change to nutrition, sanitation to employment.

We still need the people to do it. While we have some of the greatest minds of the world working on these solutions, there just simply aren’t enough of them. Just to give you an overlook – research by EY says 69 percent of organizations are currently investing or planning to invest in 5G. We decided to work together with our leading partners to improve the situation.

Backed by 5G: Technology for Impact is a two-week online conference which gathers the industry experts, entrepreneurs and policymakers together to discuss, present and question how 5G will affect our society, economy and everyday life. We want you to join the change by offering a chance to learn from the best, to start or strengthen your journey to expertise in 5G. With the support of our partners, you have the possibility to listen and get your questions answered by the global 5G leaders from the leading companies, academia, NGOs and public institutions, which all are daily involved with changing the world and enabling change with the latest technology.

The online conference, Backed by 5G: Technology for Impact, is hosted by Start North as a part of the Aalto University Summer Course 5G Hack the Mall.

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